Amsterdam based JAÏNDA (20) has been performing since she was 10 and is already one of the great singing talents in the Netherlands.

As a teenager, she won the Dutch national ‘Kunstbende Young Creators Festival’ and was selected to front the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Her first appearances on Dutch national television generated an overwhelming number of positive responses. She has multiple million likes for “in-between” clips on TikTok, and is performing the theme song for the 2023 national summer personal healthcare campaign.

JAÏNDA evokes great singers from the past, while her sound has a contemporary edge that will help her win a new audience. Her debut single “Lighthouse” will be released on April 25.

JAÏNDA: “I was very young when I wrote Lighthouse. It’s about the feeling you don’t belong anywhere and don’t know who to trust. My response was trying hard to be a part of something, which turned out to be not such a good idea. The positive thing was that writing and singing Lighthouse made me realise who I am and who I want to be!”

Lighthouse is the first taste of a wide ranging and deeply personal collection of songs that form her EP that will be released this year. Written and produced in London and Amsterdam together with Jonathan Quarmby (Kovacs, Ziggy Marley, Lewis Capaldi, James Arthur).

Singer Michelle David (The True Tones): “JAÏNDA’s Voice is destined to be classified as classic.”
Band leader Sven Hammond: “JAÏNDA is an exceptional talent, of which you come across just a few.”
Saxophone player and bandleader Maarten Hogenhuis: “In addition to that enormous talent, I am impressed by JAÏNDA’s drive and passion.”